Links to My Articles and Writing

You can read excerpts from my plays, as well as view a collection of my monologues, at my home page, Be aware that some of my plays contain mature themes and language, but you can go instead to my schoolplays page, which only contains those plays suitable for young people.

Read the interview with me at and hear my thoughts about playwriting, including how I got started.

Visit The Writers Store's, another playwriting instructional site for which I wrote the content.

On the main Writers Store website, you'll find several of my articles in the archives of the Expert Series, which has featured many of the top names in the writing field, including the screenwriting teacher legendary Syd Field.

On the Script magazine website, you'll find more more than a dozen articles that cover the craft and business of playwriting. Among the titles are "The Playwright's Bill of Rights," "Fast Food Characters" and "The Joys of Rewriting" (Parts One, Two and Three). Check them out!

Here's a link to a YouTube interview with me conducted at Hollins University while I was Visiting Associate Professor of Theatre in the MFA playwriting program.

Listen to me talk about Thank You for Flushing My Head in the Toilet and other rarely used expressions, my play about bullying, and more on the Michael Dresser radio show. The interview runs from 1:42 to 24:20.







































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