Want to Study with Me?

Now you can! You have two great choices, one for individuals and another for schools:

"Introduction to Playwriting" at Screenwriters University

Whether you're a student looking for a leg up in playwriting, or a teacher who wants a solid playwriting foundation before you teach playwriting to your own students, "Introduction to Playwriting" is an easy, reasonably-priced way to learn the playwriting basics in the comfort of your own home or office. Each week in this month-long online course, you'll be given a series of lessons (e.g. character, structure, setting, etc.) and be assigned writing exercises on which I'll personally give you feedback. Not only that, but you'll have the opportunity to interact with me online and ask questions about playwriting. "Introduction to Playwriting" is part of Screenwriters University, affiliated with The Writers Store and Writers' Digest, both of which have been in the writing business for a long, long time. New sessions begin regularly. To see a detailed course syllabus or to enroll, visit Screenwriters University today!

Young Playwrights 101 at Your School!

The next best thing to having me visit your school in person is to have me as a virtual guest artist. Let me know your needs and parameters, and I'll custom design a course for your students. I've successfully worked with both individual writers and school groups in the past via Skype video conferencing. Whether your school is in the United States or Canada, or as far away as the United Kingdom or Australia, a virtual guest artist experience is a possibility!

Contact me via email or call me (in the US) at 1-310-869-8985, Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time for more information on either class!







































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